Ask The Once-ler
Once-ler’s Farewell (Good-bye Tumblr)

(All good things must come to an end…I am going to shut down askoncieonceler. Originally the blog was only made because I had a fondness towards the character Once-ler, I figured that it would be fun to try it out even though I wasn’t all too familiar with Tumblr, and its been a blast! When I started posting my answers, it surprised me by how many people liked, reblogged and followed me. That is a testament to how many fans of the Once-ler and the movie Lorax there are. I was completely astonished, so I figured I would treat this blog with absolute care and keep the entertainment flowing. At first it was exciting to draw up replies to questions, and play within the role of the Once-ler. It really seemed like I was going somewhere with this ask blog! It was nice to see how many people liked my art and the responses I was getting.

 However when I got to reopening my ask box, it then dawned on me that of course not all of my followers are people who really ask things from me! Most of them were people that just appreciated my art or just the character Once-ler himself. Besides, when I first opened my blog it was around the time when the Lorax movie was released and in theatres, now most people have moved on to other things. With that said the closing chapters of my blog have been written. Most of my followers were supportive, giving so many kind and heart touching words to my art. I didn’t want to disappoint any of them! Even the thought of upsetting anyone who liked my work began to stress me.

Then I realized, it shouldn’t be this complicated. 

I shouldn’t stress over such things, when I know I won’t be able to please everyone.

It was really tons of fun while it lasted and I do hope you guys enjoyed this blog just as much as I have.

I will leave the blog as it is, as long as Tumblr leaves it up.

I hope you all have a great summer! Good-bye and thank you for this wonderful journey…

I’ll always love you guys. )

We first met when I was trying to sell thneeds in town. She’s…really nice.



(Friend’s crack OTP…..she dared me to put this on my blog, shuddup. ; u ;  I just…I don’t even know.)

Friend who made OTP: *holding camera* Oh yeah… Just like that…

(Friend’s crack OTP…..she dared me to put this on my blog, shuddup. ; u ;  I just…I don’t even know.)

No comment. Now get out.

I will.

I’m kinda disturbed by these questions…

He’s been gone for a long time, sonny.

Hopefully the fellow you’re dating will think the same.